$10.00 USD
Backup Solution Powered by VaultPress
Any website powered by this solution gets automatic daily backups of their website. In addition we would manually handle any moves, or restores requested.
$15.00 USD
Cloud Backup Solution, Daily Backups, One-Click Restore
Any website powered by this solution gets automatic daily backups of their website. In addition we would manually handle any moves, or restores requested.
$22.00 USD
$40.00 Setup Fee
Cloudflare Pro
Benefits Include

-Plus MANY more features, visit HERE for a full list
We install and configure Cloudflare Pro for your website.

-CDN (Content Delivery Network), Localized Delivery of your Files

-Session optimization

Automatically detect the pages that are most likely to be accessed during a session from the traffic patterns of all the users visiting a site.

-Web object prefetcher

While a visitor is reading one page, automatically "lazy load" the objects on subsequent pages likely to be accessed during a session so that subsequent page loads are nearly instantaneous.
-Page prerender

As a visitor hovers over a link, silently begin loading the resources needed to render the page before the visitor has even clicked.


Polish automatically applies both “lossless” and “lossy” image optimization to remove unnecessary bytes from images. On average, image sizes are reduced by 35%.


Mirage insures that images delivered to your visitors are the appropriate size and resolution for their device. Mirage detects screen size and connection speed to deliver the best image for the current browser window, mobile or desktop.

$10.00 USD
Cloudflare Pro Yearly (SSL, Optimization, Security)
$520.00 USD
DDoS Protection - Level 1
Our DDoS Prevention has the Capability to
Detect and block emerging application-layer
DDoS attacks.
Deploy a turnkey solution to stop threats
Accelerate responses to DDoS attacks to
prevent legitimate services from going down.
Prevent illegitimate botnet communications by
leveraging real-time security intelligence
Mitigate volumetric attacks
Block illegitimate traffic from costing you money
in bandwidth charges.
$2.99 USD
$24.99 Setup Fee
Dedicated / Unique IP Address
Normally for small websites we keep the accounts directed towards the same IP address. The reason for this is primarily cost, and under normal circumstances there is very little benefit to having a unique IP address. But if a website is high security or requires processing credit card information or holds other sensitive information, often a client will need a SSL Certificate. A SSL Certificate requires a unique IP address in order to be applied
$19.99 USD
$24.99 Setup Fee
Malware and Backdoor Scanning
Both remote and server side scanning for malware and backdoors to your website. A complete solution to protect from hack attempts and clean up pre-existing issues.
$120.00 USD
Wordpress High Security Package
A perfection solution for sites targetted by malicious behaviour and for high traffic sites.

  • Heavy optimization for speeding up website load time

  • We guarantee an 85% or higher average on Google Page SpeedTest and Yahoo's YSlow

  • Advanced caching technology

  • Cloudflare Pro-Level CDN

  • Daily backups powered by VaultPress

  • If a Restore is needed, we do all the labor for free

  • Repository Comparison service

  • Daily Virus scanning

  • Daily malware scanning

  • Enterprise level software firewall

  • Database reference to blacklisted IP's to keep trouble-causing individuals off site

  • Website recovery in case of attack

  • We monitor every aspect of your website, including bandwidth monitoring, security, malware detection, backup systems and traffic response