My passion project, is a non-profit charity (501c3 EIN: 83-1078687) formed to do what the other “Rescue Missions” will not do: Get our hands dirty and risk our lives going in and rescuing persecuted individuals.

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Redeem Christians from Slavery is a charity formally founded in 2018.

In 2009, after a case of false Blasphemy was referred to us from Pakistan we inquired with many organizations that touted themselves as helping the persecuted Christians. After extensive research we discovered to our disappointment that none of these organizations had any interest in actually saving people from their fate. We decided that, despite our lack of expertise at that time, it was our duty as Christians and Jews to undertake our best efforts to try and save as many minorities as possible both from slavery and persecution.

Since we started our work, we have saved or helped over 12,000 people. Between 2015-2018 we saved over 10,000 slaves which includes providing them new jobs and new places to live, literally changing their lives from persecution and abject poverty to people with a living wage and children who can now go to school.

We have done this with a tiny budget compared to other charities. Our tiny charity has helped more slaves in those three years than the combined efforts of other “slave freeing” charities have done in the last 17 years.

The slave problem is huge with about 30 million slaves worldwide of which over three million are Christians. We believe if we can raise the resources, we can save most of the Christian slaves and inspire other non-Christian organizations to save their own brethren. We have already inspired the Hindu community to do the same as us in Pakistan.

We employ brave people who risk their own lives to save their brethren and with the financial resources our readers and supporters provide that allows us to do this holy work. On many occasions we have serious security issues to deal with, but thanks to G-d, all our staff so far have avoided death or serious injury.

Our primary focus is to rescue people, get them out of danger or slavery and to safety. We avoid getting involved in food programs and social services. This is not because we dislike these programs it is because they cost so much money and because of our limited resources we cannot afford to help hundreds of thousands of people a month providing food and shelter. If we move large amounts of people to safety, we partner with other larger organizations that can provide these services.

Ideally, we like for our rescued victims (especially in the slave program) to be able to get employment and be self-sustaining once they are released. Our charity retains its own private employment agency so once we release the slaves, we can get them employed immediately. However, in some cases we will provide on a short-term basis funding for individual families for food and shelter until permanent status has been achieved, this is usually the case when we deal with individual cases of extreme persecution.

Even if you are not wealthy you can help. For $87 you can save one slave, to save one family costs about $500. To save 10 families a year is about $5000, which is $400 a month. We accept Credit Cards, Paypal, Checks or Wire.

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If you took the time to read this and feel compelled to help but cannot afford to donate – please invest a little of your time daily sharing our work with your network.

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