Welcome to the Secret Realm of Mosheh Ben Avraham (Max Gibson)

You’ve stumbled upon a hidden corner of the internet, a place where the journey of Mosheh Ben Avraham, also known as Max Gibson, unfolds.

Childhood: The Pain of Growht

Born Max Gibson, he was raised in his youth in Springfield, Oregon.  Losing his mother at around 12 years old, then his father at 15 years old, Max quickly had to choose whether to succumb to pain or rise above it.  At 19 Max was involved in a tragic accident, when racing illegally, resulting in his trial, then imprisonment for a year.  The closest individual Max had to a parent figure at that time was his Grandfather who died while he was in prison.

The Early Years: Forging a Path

Max’s journey transitioned from hardship to one of self-exploration. That began in the classrooms of Lane Community College, Cuayamaca College, and San Diego State University, where he earned a degree in Computer Science. He was involved in Cross Country, Track and Field and Crew.  as well as involved in several on-campus groups including AEPi fraternity.  But his education didn’t stop there. Life became his teacher, and he embraced every lesson with open arms.

A Warrior’s Journey: Serving with Honor

Mosheh’s path took a courageous turn when he moved to Israel and joined the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). As a Sergeant 1st Class in the Givati Infantry Brigade, he not only specialized in heavy machine guns and demolitions but also learned the true meaning of leadership and sacrifice. His participation in operations “Cast Lead”, “Protective Edge”, and “Pillar of Defense” etched his name in the annals of military history.

The Entrepreneur’s Odyssey: Pioneering Digital Frontiers

With a heart for innovation and a mind for technology, Mosheh founded Apex Web Services, a beacon of hope for nonprofits and small businesses navigating the digital landscape. Through cutting-edge automation and AI solutions, he empowered countless organizations to reach new heights.

A Humanitarian’s Quest: Rescuing the Persecuted

As the CEO and Board President of Rescue the Persecuted Inc., Mosheh’s compassion knows no bounds. He tirelessly advocates for persecuted minorities, supports displaced families, and leads global campaigns like Operation Lifeline. His commitment to humanitarian causes is a testament to his unwavering spirit.

The Analyst’s Acumen: Navigating Real Estate Waters

In his role as a Real Estate Analyst at Madison Title Agency, LLC, Mosheh brings his strategic thinking and analytical prowess to the table. He navigates complex data with the same finesse he employs on the battlefield or in the boardroom.

Unraveling the Enigma: Why Mosheh is Awesome

  • Resilience in the Face of Adversity: From overcoming personal loss to thriving in the midst of challenges, Mosheh’s emotional balance and optimism are unshakable.
  • A Generous Heart: With a commitment to giving well over 20% of his income to charity and providing interest-free loans to those in need, Mosheh’s generosity is foundational.
  • Academic Excellence Against the Odds: Despite setbacks, Mosheh’s determination propelled him to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and achieve advanced academic standings.
  • Entrepreneurial Resilience: Founding and rebuilding a successful web development business, Mosheh demonstrates the power of innovation and perseverance.
  • Personal Growth Through Adversity: Even a year in prison couldn’t break Mosheh’s spirit. Instead, he used it as an opportunity for personal development, reinforcing his values of choice at a young age: integrity, sacrifice, and excellence.

Testimonials: Words of Praise from Those Who Know Him Best

“Mosheh’s expertise in web development helped my photography business get off the ground 10 years ago. He is very giving of his time and doesn’t stop until the customer’s needs are fulfilled.” – Sara (Fefer) Duncan

“Outstanding performance and moral model for children.” – Natalie Freedman

“Mosheh’s strong work ethic, professionalism, and ability to adapt and go the extra mile are commendable. I wholeheartedly recommend him for any position involving bringing about positive change.” – Amir Baum

A Glimpse Behind the Curtain: The Man Beyond the Accomplishments

  • A devoted father to four (God willing soon five) amazing children
  • A poet at heart, embracing the power of words
  • A fitness enthusiast, committed to a healthy lifestyle
  • A community leader, dedicated to rescuing persecuted minorities

Connect with the Legend

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Why the Secrecy?

This page is hidden not for the sake of mystery, but as a reflection of Mosheh’s humility. It’s a space for those who seek to understand the man behind the accomplishments, the heart behind the visionary.

If you’ve found this page, consider yourself part of an exclusive group—those who have discovered the true essence of Mosheh Ben Avraham.

Thank you for joining us on this extraordinary journey. May Mosheh’s story inspire you to embrace your own path, to lead with courage, and to make a difference in the world.